Adult Recreational Rowing Program

The Adult Recreational Rowing Program is ideal for rowers who at a minimum completed the Learn to Row program (or equivalent) and want more time on the water. Our Adult Recreational Rowing Program is designed for participants who are 18 years of age or older.

Note: Are you under 18 years old and looking for your next rowing opportunity? Please check out Bantam Recreational Rowing Program for new rowing opportunities!

Why Adult Recreational Rowing at Leander?

Flexible Commitment

We offer practice sessions four evenings a week, including Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday at 5:30-8:30. Once your membership fee is paid, you can determine your level of commitment. We will boat every recreational rower who shows up for practice.

Gain Valuable Rowing Experience

Rowers have access to eights, fours, quads, doubles and even singles. Whether you want to gain experience sweeping, want to take on sculling, or want more small-boat experience, our recreational coaches can support you.

Meet New People

In 2015, Leander Boat Club boasted more than 50 rowers in our Adult Recreational Rowing Program! Our program includes recent Learn to Row graduates, secondary-school rowers, and even university rowers looking for more on-water training.

It’s a fantastic opportunity to join our diverse group of rowers and gain valuable experience.

Racing Opportunities

Members of the Adult Recreational Rowing Program have the opportunity to participate in the Tony Fooks Recreational Regatta hosted each August by the Don Rowing Club of Mississauga. At the end of each summer, we also announce any additional regatta racing opportunities as they become available.

Want to Learn More About Our Adult Recreational Rowing Program?

Contact our Recreational Rowing Program Coordinator with any questions about the program or to learn how you can join today!