We are a growing boat club, and our facilities are constantly evolving to address the needs of our growing membership. Our boathouse includes three main boat bays, an additional doubles bay, an outdoor storage space commonly referred to as “the compound,” an erg pit, rowing tank, members lounge, change rooms, weight room, and main office. We reconfigure our boat house between on-water season and winter training season for optimal training capacity.

Leander Boat Club Weight Room

Weight Room

Our weight room includes everything needed for competitive members to get a good workout, including multiple squat racks, deadlift platform, free weights, and cables. Whether 4-6 people are looking for quality individual training, or you require large group circuits, we have the equipment needed to accommodate your training needs.

Erg Pit

Ergs (rowing machines) are a critical component for any rower’s on-land training program. The Erg Pit at Leander Boat Club includes over 20 ergs and we have the option to setup additional Concept2 Sliders when needed.

Leander Boat Club Erg Pit

Rowing Tank

Our facility includes an indoor rowing tank! Our tank includes two sweep oars which we often use it to train new rowers. It provides a great opportunity to practice bladework, group technical demonstrations, and focused individual training.

Member's Lounge

Our recently renovated Member Lounge area reflects our history. With tables and chairs, TV, kitchenette, and a separate entrance, it’s the ideal space for social events, educational sessions, and business functions.

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