Leander Boat Club is a communityand volunteers are a critical piece of that community. We are thankful for the large number of volunteers without whose time, energy, ideas, hard-work, laughs, smiles, and dedication our community wouldn’t exist! We are so grateful to have such an amazing community of people at Leander, and we hope you too can call Leander Boat Club your home.

Attention High School Students

Don’t miss out on getting volunteer credit towards your graduation requirements. Make sure to track your hours when volunteering at Leander Boat Club volunteer events!

Leander Boat Club of Hamilton Volunteer Opportunities

Interested in Volunteer Opportunities?

Whether you are interested in being a bigger part of the Leander Boat Club community or you need hours to meet high-school graduation requirements, we have volunteer opportunities for you! Please contact us and a member of our team can help you find a way to help out.

Leander Boat Club of Hamilton Volunteer Opportunities

Annual Volunteer Opportunities

Leander Boat Club relies on volunteers within our community to keep our club operating smoothly. Looking for a volunteer opportunity? Here’s a list of annual activities where we need your help.

Leander Indoor Setup


Docks-In Day


Leander Boat Club Spring Clean Up


Hamilton City Champs


Leander Boat Club Try-It Day


Docks-Out Day


Leander Boat Club Annual Banquet


Want to Learn More About Leander Boat Club of Hamilton?

Contact our team with any questions about the club or to learn how you can join today!