Learn to Row Program

Leander Boat Club started the Learn to Row (LTR) program for anyone with no previous rowing experience! The Learn to Row program will introduce you to the basics of rowing in a safe and friendly environment. Come on your own, or sign up with a friend!

For the season we will be offering the following sessions:

Learn-To Row Youth

For those ages 12-17.

Learn-To Row Adult

For those age 18 and over.

Learn-To Row Private

Private lessons designed for individuals, teams, and corporate groups.

The Leander Learn to Row program is a one-week course that include professional instruction over five days. The course teaches the basics of the rowing stroke, boat and water safety, and allows you to discover the love of rowing on Hamilton’s beautiful west harbour.

Note: For all programs, participants must be able to lift a 50lbs weight off the ground and be comfortable swimming a distance of 50m in open water.

Day 1

Includes indoor learning sessions that cover the basic rowing technique on ergs and in the tank. Participants will also watch a safety video before rowers get onto the water.

Day 2-5

Participants then take the technique learned on day one and transfer their skills into a boat on the water.

Program Details

We recommend that participants bring the following items

  • Running Shoes
  • Comfortable Workout Gear (Nothing Too Loose)
  • Lock (Day Lockers Available)
  • Water
  • Sunscreen
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses (If You Like)
  • Socks
  • Rain Jacket
  • Extra Dry Clothing

Note: The Leander Boat Club Facility includes showers and lockers

Ability Requirements

All participants should be able to swim, waist belt Personal Floatation Devices (PFDs) must be worn by anyone not able to swim and will be available for others who desire them to wear them. They are low profile and do not interfere with the rowing stroke. Additional PFDs and safety equipment will be carried in the coach’s launch for emergency situations. Some strength and fitness is an asset as rowing is a physical activity.

Weather Conditions

If there is poor weather, beginner-level rowers will participate in on-land training that may include the rowing machines, rowing tank, weights, and circuits. Sessions will run no matter the weather!

Private lessons provide a one-on-one or semi-private setting for your individual learning, group adventure, or corporate team building. Sessions will be subject to time availability of coaches and equipment. Please contact us for prices and to arrange for your private sessions

Many LTR grads continue into the Leander Recreational (Rec) or Youth Recreational program to further develop their newly acquired skills. After Rec or bantam, Leander’s Competitive Club and Masters teams are also realistically in reach for those wishing a greater challenge and have both the ability and time to commit.

For any questions contact Program Coordinator at:

Missed Practice Policy: In the event you are unable to make a class, we regret that makeup classes or refunds will not be offered.

Upcoming Sessions

Want to Learn More About Our Learn to Row Program?

Contact our Learn to Row Program Coordinator with any questions about the program or to learn how you can join today!

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